Notes application to log and query your thoughts with the power of AI.

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9 months ago

4254a61 Increase version to 0.2.0

9 months ago


Capture thoughts. Ask questions. Simplify your life.

brane is a very simple and intuitive command-line application for quickly logging daily thoughts and seeking insights. Seamlessly jot down ideas and leverage the power of OpenAI to query your notes.

#Why brane exists

As someone with ADHD, I forget things a lot. Most of the times I can't remember what happened during my day, which is a big problem in therapy sessions. I wanted to remember simple things like when I woke up or went to sleep, if I ate lunch or not, or all those random ideas that I have throughout the day.

So, I built brane, a tool to write down quick notes during the day. And with the OpenAI integration, I can ask questions and get insights about my life, like what did I do this week, how many times I went to the gym, or what did I eat last night.

brane made my therapy sessions more productive and richer in details. I hope it can help others too.


  • Instant logging: Log your thoughts in a jiffy. Simply type and let Brane handle the formatting.
  • OpenAI integration: Don't just store notes; ask questions and get insights. Dive deep into your notes with the power of AI.
  • Simple structure: Say goodbye to messy note files, databases, or proprietary file formats. With brane, every day gets its own Markdown file, neatly named and easy to navigate.


#From source

First install the dependencies:

  • Go 1.21 or above.
  • make.
  • scdoc.

Switch to the latest stable tag, v0.2.0, then compile and install:

git checkout v0.2.0
sudo make install


$ brane --help
   brane - log and query your thoughts with the power of AI

   brane [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   log, l    log a new thought
   about, A  log new information about yourself
   ask, a    ask the AI questions about your thoughts

   --directory value, -d value  the directory where note files are stored (default: "/home/jd/.local/share/brane") [$BRANE_DIRECTORY]
   --model value, -m value      the OpenAI model to use (default: "gpt-3.5-turbo-16k") [$BRANE_MODEL]
   --key value, -k value        the OpenAI API key to use [$BRANE_KEY]
   --help, -h                   show help
   --version, -v                print the version

See brane(1) after installing for more information.


Anyone can help make brane better. Send patches on the mailing list and report bugs on the issue tracker.

You must sign-off your work using git commit --signoff. Follow the Linux kernel developer's certificate of origin for more details.

All contributions are made under the GPL-2.0 license.


The following resources are available:

Released under the GPL-2.0 license.