A collection of prompts for enhancing productivity with large language models.

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#LLM Prompts


This repository contains a curated collection of prompts designed to be used with large language models (LLMs) to enhance productivity and streamline various tasks. The prompts cover a wide range of areas, including coding, writing comments, reviewing grammar, and more.

While the prompts were originally written and tested using Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus model, they should be compatible with any LLM.

Note: Unless stated otherwise, use these prompts as system prompts, not user prompts. Also, keep in mind that the responses can be quite verbose by design and optimizing for cost efficiency was not a primary goal when writing the prompts.



See CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


  • Most prompts were written using a combination of Anthropic's metaprompt and manual work.
  • The manpage writer prompt includes the manpage for the scdoc utility. Copyright belongs to Drew DeVault.


Released under the CC0 license.