A privacy and caching reverse proxy for Gravatar written in Go.

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Privytar is a super simple privacy and caching reverse proxy for the Gravatar service written in Go. It sits in front of the Gravatar—which is a service that allows you to have a single avatar image that follows you from site to site—, so Automattic (the company that owns Gravatar) can't track you.

Inspired by projects like Nitter, Invidious, and Scribe, Privytar is easy to use, deploy, and should be pretty reliable. Use the official instance TBD or host the service yourself.


Hosting your own instance of Privytar is easy:

Using Privytar is even easier:


#From source

First install the dependencies:

  • Go 1.21 or above.
  • make.
  • scdoc.

Then compile and install:

sudo make install


Anyone can help make privytar better. Send patches on the mailing list and report bugs on the issue tracker.

You must sign-off your work using git commit --signoff. Follow the Linux kernel developer's certificate of origin for more details.

All contributions are made under the EUPL license.


The following resources are available:

Released under the EUPL License.