Simple caching interface for Go's regular expressions package.

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Note: This library is under active development and most pieces haven't been tested yet. Do not use in production until a tagged v2.0.0 release is out.

Package recache is a lightweight caching library for Go's standard regular expression package that offers improved performance by avoiding recompilation of global regular expression variables and by caching regular expressions.


  • Stable cache interface.
  • Simple and easy-to-use API.
  • Thread-safe caching of compiled regular expressions.
  • Lazy compilation of regular expressions.
  • Minimal memory allocations.

#recache.Cache implementations

The recache package itself only provides a cache interface and some utility functions for users who wish to implement that interface. You can either use an implementation created by someone else or write your own.


If wrote a recache.Cache implementation and wish it to be linked here, please send a patch.


To install recache alone, run:

go get git.sr.ht/~jamesponddotco/recache-go


Anyone can help make recache better. Check out the contribution guidelines for more information.


The following resources are available:

Released under the MIT License.