A tracker-style OSC sequencer with a TUI interface

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tlature (stylized as "↹lature" (alternate form "<tab>lature" or "\tlature" (never written as "tablature" or "tabulature" (including when writing alt text (use "tlature" instead)))) (pronounced ['tæ.blə.tʃɚ]) (short for "tabulatorlature" (pronounced ['tæ.bjə.leɪ.tɚ.lə.tʃɚ]))) is a tracker-style Open Sound Control sequencer (and optionally a DAW) powered by a music notation format.

Also has a headless mode for portable playback, for example on a dedicated live performance machine or an SBC.

#getting started


# install standard library of CLAP plugins (to ~/.clap/)
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~jaxter184/tlature-std
cd tlature-std
cd ..

# install ↹lature itself
git clone https://git.sr.ht/~jaxter184/tlature
cd tlature
cargo install --path .

#opening a project

A few example project files are available. To open one, run the following command from inside the project directory. For example, to open ave-maria, run:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~jaxter184/tlature-examples
cd tlature-examples
tlature tlature-examples/ave-maria

alternatively, to run it without the TUI, you can use the -r flag to run in REPL mode.

tlature -i -e start tlature-examples/ave-maria

#bug reports and feature requests

See the todo board