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cmdtree is a command launcher in the form of a tree. Commands are launched by a sequence of keys that form a path in this tree.

Configuring cmdtree currently requires you to edit a C header file, similar to dmenu. You will need to tweak cfg.def.h to your liking before building. ~This is temporary until the configuration file format is complete~, but it has the benefit of being quite fast to launch!

If you're curious, you can check out my config here


First customize cfg.def.h to include your menu items.

libX11 and libXft are required. Once you have those installed, simply type:

make && make install

To launch cmdtree with a key binding, use something like xbindkeys

#Key Bindings

ESC         quit
Backspace   go up one level


Thanks to the dmenu developers I was able to reuse and repurpose their drw_ machinery for cmdtree! This project shares dmenu's LICENSE as much of the code was ported from there. Thanks!