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#dotfiles of jlkde

These dotfiles configure a variety of software:

#Daily Drivers

  • fish as interactive shell, bash for login and non interactive
  • Swaywm as window manager, Waybar as bar
  • Alacritty as terminal emulator, automatically starting a tmux session
  • Neovim as main editor
  • LXQt as Desktop environment
  • Materia as GTK and Qt (via Kvantum) theme


  • mpd for local music and radio, ncmpcpp as frontend
  • ncspot as spotify cli-client
  • mps-youtube as youtube cli-client

#Sway enhancers

  • Waybar as bar
  • oguri to enhance wallpaper managing
  • mako for notifications
  • udiskie for automounting of removable media
  • rumno
  • adaptable launcher inside my sway config used as dmenu-replacement, calculator, translator, note viewer, calendar...


Frequently referenced docs are stored here to quicken lookup.


  • bonsai by John Allbritten licensed under GNU GPLv3
  • pipes.sh by Matthew Simpson, Yu-Jie Lin, Pipeseroni/pipes.sh contributors under MIT License
  • unix, linkhandler, texclear by Luke Smith under GNU GPLv3


Please see License for more info.