Filters Miniflux entries based on enhanced rules

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Filters Miniflux entries based on enhanced rules.


minifluxWorker reads rules from a configuration file and marks entries as read based on them.

The following options are supported:

   minifluxWorker [OPTION]

  -c string
        Path to config file (default "config.json")
        Do not change anything
			Print this help


The sample config looks like this:

A config file consists of some top-level headers and a list of rules where every key is required.

The server config consists of the following keys: The general part consists of a server configuration and the log level:

  • server (object): The server config
    • url (string): The servers URL
    • token (string): A token as obtained via Settings > API Keys
  • loglevel (string, one of "DEBUG", "INFO", "WARN", "ERROR" or "FATAL): The log level

The log level has to be must be set to "DEBUG" (useful to learn what minifluxWorker is attempting to do), "INFO" (useful to monitor), "WARN" (useful to mitigate problems), "ERROR" (problems occurred) or "FATAL" (problems fatal enough to crash the application).

"server": {
	"url": "https://hosting.miniflux.app",
	"token": "SE1KUGI5YWxIcWFJekJhbHBRaktkTHRRY1pBV01CXzZI="
"loglevel": "INFO",

A rule consists of the following keys:

  • name (string): A name for the rule, can be chosen freely
  • condition (object): What trigger the rule should act on
    • type (string, one of "time", "title", "text" or "duplicate"): What kind of rule is enforced
    • key (string, a integer duration and one of "m", "h", "d" or "w" for rules based on time, else a keyword or sentence of choice): The specific value the rule considers
  • scope (object): On what the rule should be enforced
    • type (string, one of "all", "category" or "feed"):
    • operator (string, one of "with" or "without"): Inverts the rule: Either only the scope or everything without the scope is evaluated
    • keys (list of strings): A freely chosen keyword or sentence to match the feeds/categories name(s)
  • include_starred (boolean): Disregards all starred entries if false

All in a valid configuration file looks like this:

	"server": {
		"url": "https://hosting.miniflux.app",
		"token": ""
	"loglevel": "INFO",
	"rules": [
			"name": "All entries but the feeds 'Knowledge' and 'Popular blog' after two weeks",
			"condition": {
				"type": "time",
				"key": "2w"
			"scope": {
				"type": "feed",
				"operator": "without",
				"keys": ["Knowledge", "Popular blog"]
			"include_starred": true
			"name": "Unstarred entries with 'boring topic' in it's title",
			"condition": {
				"type": "title",
				"key": "boring topic"
			"scope": {
				"type": "all",
				"operator": "with",
				"keys": []
			"include_starred": false


minifluxWorker will act as soon as started. For scheduling a cronjob or a systemd timer can be used.


go build .


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This project is licensed under the European Union Public License v1.2. Please see License for more information.