A small file-based manager for short notes in fish

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#Note.fish - A simple TODO and Notes manager for fish

A small file-based manager for short notes.

No Maintenance Intended


This is a tiny manager for simply notes und TODOs. It is written entirely in fish syntax and has no dependencies apart from core commands like cat or echo. To keep things simple, every note is a small plain text file inside the given note-directory.



Recommended - fisher:

Simply run fisher add https://git.sr.ht/~jlkde/note.fish


Add fundle plugin jlkDE/notes.fish --url https://git.sr.ht/~jlkde/note.fish to your ~/.config/fish/config.fish and run fundle init


Simply copy notes.fish from this repositories functions folder into ~/.config/fish/functions/ or any other directory in your $PATH.


Usage: note [OPTION] [ARGUMENT]

  • Options:
    • [a / add] Add new note
    • [ls / list] List current notes
    • [e / edit] {i} Edit note with index i; without argument the last note is to be edited
    • [rm / remove] {i} Remove note with index i; without argument the last note is removed
    • [dir / directory] {d} Makes d the new note directory
    • [-h / --help] Show this help
    • [-v / --version] Show version


  • fishshell
  • coreutils

#Troubleshooting / F.A.Q.

#Why no database?

To follow the KISS principle and to rely entirely on basic shell operations.

#fish: The expanded command was empty.

You have not set your environment editor variable, which usually points to an lightweight cli editor like vi or nano. Either set it permanent with set -U EDITOR (**your editor**) or session wide with set EDITOR (**your editor**) in your ~/.config/fish/config.fish.


This project is licensed under GNU General Public License v3 or later. See COPYING for more information.