a bluesky html frontend

d150cb8 fix embed error and update index.page.ts

2 days ago

#4 add images field in post object

~jordanreger filed ticket on bsky todo

2 days ago


a bluesky html frontend



  • [x] accounts
    • [x] fallback avatar & banner
  • [x] text posts
  • [x] images
    • [x] alt text dropdown
    • [x] multiple image support
  • [x] embeds
    • [x] text
    • [x] image
    • [x] external
  • [x] publish to sourcehut & github
  • [x] rewrite in typescript
  • [ ] threads
    • [ ] user
    • [ ] post


if you want to get a useful representation of either an account or a post, instead of replacing bsky.app with bsky.deno.dev, replace it with bsky.deno.dev/json/ and you'll receive a JSON object representing the corresponding account/post.