Remove objects from S3 in bulk, optionally taking backup first

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#S3 Object Remover

Bulk remove object from S3. Optionally create backup as a tar archive.


  • Takes a list of keys to remove form a bucket on standard input.
  • Optionally generates tar archive backup to standard output.
  • Bulk deletes objects using AWS bulk delete API.

#Example usage

Note: You need to set up AWS credentials and default region using ~/.aws/credentials and ~/.aws/config files or use environment variables (AWS_DEFAULT_REGION, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY) or use instance profile (on EC2). Consult AWS documentation for details. Additionally options --aws-region and --aws-region-endpoint can be specified on the command line.

cat object.list | s3rm --verbose --backup mybucket > backup.tar


With Rust already installed on you system.

cargo install s3rm