Download new videos from YouTube channels with youtube-dl

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spektilo is a utility for downloading new videos from YouTube channels with yt-dlp or a similar tool.


You will need to set up a configuration file called spektilo.toml in the top level of the target directory. A sample configuration file looks like this:

downloader = "yt-dlp" # optional string
downloader_opts = ["--retries", "infinite"] # optional list of strings, defaults to empty

rust = "UCaYhcUwRBNscFNUKTjgPFiA"
MozillaDeveloper = "UCh5UlGiu9d6LegIeUCW4N1w"

For each item name = "id" in the subs table (which is mandatory, but may rather uselessly be empty), spektilo will create a directory called name in to download new videos into using yt-dlp. On the first run, it will download all videos referenced in the Atom feed (this is probably not what you want and will be fixed Real Soon Now), but on each run it updates a file called .spektilo.state at the top level of the target directory to keep track of successfully downloaded videos.


Send patches[^patches-how], bug reports, thanks, suggestions, and any other feedback directly to me at josh@inv.alid.pw.

[^patches-how]: using git send-email

#Known issues

  • the première feature breaks everything

#Missing features

  • initial run setup
  • skip this video