turn your microcontroller into a music sampler

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Sampler lets you turn a microcontroller into a music sampler.



#Build dependencies

dependency version use
arm-none-eabi-gcc 12.2 build MCU code
gcc 12.2 build tests and tools
meson 1.0.1 automate builds
git 2.39.2 download dependencies
libsndfile 1.5 update embedded audio files
openocd 0.12.0 flash and debug the MCU
STM32F4-DISCOVERY run the MCU application

#Optional dependencies

dependency version use
gdb-multiarch 13.1 debug MCU code
cbmc 5.12 check assertions against a model
cppcheck 2.11 find bugs the compiler cannot
complexity 1.13 measure the complexity of code


. envsetup.sh
  1. Load commands into your shell environment by running . envsetup.sh.
  2. Set up build directories by running sampler_setup.
  3. Test the code by running sampler_test.
  4. Flash firmware onto the dev board by running sampler_flash.
  5. Explore other sampler_-prefixed functions by using tab completion.


pin signal
PA4 Audio output from DAC peripheral. Beware: DC-coupled
PC1 Buffer processing window

#External documentation

Only the obscure stuff.


Write testable, portable, simple, readable, correct, efficient code.