Personal Gentoo overlay

6575714 sys-apps/system76-driver: Improve the postinst messages.

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6 days ago

c908d3d sys-apps/system76-driver: Bump to 20.04.90; support suspend workarounds via elogind.

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#Khumba's Overlay

Homepage: https://khumba.net/gentoo/

This repository is my personal Gentoo overlay. In here you'll find:

  • Ebuilds for my own software projects.

  • Various games, including many of @jorio's ports of Pangea Software's old Macintosh games, and the seriously addicting SNKRX and BYTEPATH arcade games from @adn/a327ex.

  • Ebuilds for some System76 programs and drivers for support of their hardware. I personally have a Darter Pro (darp6). I am interested in having packages for System76's other daemons, especially system76-firmware and system76-power, but I haven't figured out the Rust packaging yet.

  • The gtk3-classic patches for a more traditional desktop experience.

  • Other miscellaneous packages or fixes not in the main tree.

To add this overlay via eselect-repository, run:

# eselect repository enable khoverlay
# emerge --sync khoverlay

To add the overlay via Layman, run as root:

# layman -a khoverlay

Or you can clone the repository and create /etc/portage/repos.conf/khoverlay.conf with the following contents:

location = /path/to/local/khoverlay
auto-sync = no

This overlay's packages will only have testing keywords (~amd64), or no keywords (**) in the case of live ebuilds. Its packages will never be marked stable.

All of my Gentoo machines are amd64. These packages may or may not work on other architectures.