Fun 2D platformer fighter with a lot of sawblades. Inspired by Disc Room.
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demodulatingswan via disk-mayhem

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#Disk Mayhem

Disk Mayhem is a fun two players platformer fighter, where the last slicer alive wins. Quickly chaotic, each of the six arenas will put your skills to the test in a different way. Jump, slash and throw saws to the win. And most importantly, have fun!

To play the game quickly, you can clone this repository and run it with LÖVE:

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~kikoodx/disk-mayhem
$ love disk-mayhem

Two gamepads is the recommanded way to play. The jam build is also available at owo-team.itch.io

#Who made this?

This game was made by KikooDX (~kikoodx) and Massena (~massenouille) for the Disc Room game jam. It was integraly made in two weeks, and mistakes were made organisation wise. We hope than making this project free and open source will be appreciated.


For a framework we choosed LÖVE and amazing MIT libraries. We used sfxr for audio, Aseprite for graphics and Tiled for level design.

#Libraries used

Big thank you to the LÖVE contributors and LÖVE libraries creators.

#Assets used

http://mfs.jp.org/ font.


The code is licensed under MIT license, the rest is CC-BY-SA 4.0. See LICENSE for more details.