Very performant URL shortener service for individuals

#1 User Management

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A URL shortener for individuals, but optimized for speed.

#Quick Start

Initialize a fresh SQlite database:

sqlite3 /path/to/k0r.db < ./db/schema.sql

For testing, you can use test_urls.sql for test data:

# after initialization
sqlite3 /path/to/k0r.db < ./db/test_urls.sql

This inserts a bit under two-hundred URLs fetched from 250kb.club a while ago.

To start the service, just run the binary from the folder of k0r.db or run it with the path to the DB as first argument. For example:

k0r /path/to/ # will be extended to /path/to/k0r.db
k0r /path/to/some.db