Monorepository of current projects

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Project Description Quality
blikk Embeddable beginner-friendly language with static types, fast compilation Work in progress
core Base C++ libraries (such as libcc) and small wrappers (R, rapidjson...) Good
drd Alternative PMSI MCO classifier, subprojects: libdrd, drdc and drdR Good
felix Small build system made specifically for this repository Good
goupile Programmable electronic data capture application Work in progress
heimdall Medical timeline visualization (proof-of-concept) Proof-of-concept
mael Mael robot code for 'Coupe de France de Robotique 2020' competition Work in progress
thop Web-based institutional PMSI (MCO) reporting tool based on libdrd Good
web Reusable utility functions and HTML/CSS/JS widgets Good

#Archived projects

Project Description Quality
inPL Dashboards and various tools for IPL's longevity checkup Good
simPL Medico-ecomomic modelling of IPL's longevity checkup Proof-of-concept
webler Simple markdown-to-HTML website generator (e.g. koromix.dev) Good

#How to build

This repository uses a dedicated build tool called felix. To get started, you need to build this tool. You can use the bootstrap scripts at the root of the repository to bootstrap it:

  • Run ./bootstrap.sh on Linux and macOS
  • Run bootstrap.bat on Windows

This will create a felix binary at the root of the source tree. You can then start it to build all projects defined in FelixBuild.ini: felix on Windows or ./felix on Linux and macOS.

The following compilers are supported: GCC, Clang and MSVC (on Windows). If you want to build Fast or LTO builds you also need to install Node.js in order to transpile the JS code used in some projects.

Use ./felix --help for more information.

As of now, R packages cannot be built using this method.

#R packages

Some packages provide an Rproject file and can be built by R CMD INSTALL. Open the project file (e.g. src/drd/drdR/drdR.Rproj) in RStudio and use Install and restart in the Build tab.

Provided the needed dependencies are available (including Rtools and Rcpp), it should just work!

#Mono repository

I've started using a single repository for all my projects a little over a year ago because it is easier to manage. There are two killers features for me:

  • Cross-project refactoring
  • Simplified dependency management

You can find a more detailed rationale here: https://danluu.com/monorepo/