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#tubes (redux (redux!!)!!)!!

tubes is a little irc client that goes in your web browser. it's so good i rewrote it twice.

#wonderful features

  • you can connect to a network and it'll work
  • pretty good protocol coverage
  • yes!
  • at least 5 design units per pixel
  • reasonable resource usage
  • you can use the core in other stuff if you really want to

#build process

unfortunately, this project has a build step.


  • have a computer
  • have node installed

#doing the thing

npm install
npm run build
# move dist/ somewhere accessible xoxo

#say hello

it's all going down in #tubes on libera.chat

#bugs, patches, all that

send an email to ~leah/tubes@lists.sr.ht (archive)


MPL 2.0, except tubes_core (inside lib/), which is ISC