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#nfm - Neat File Manager

nfm is a terminal file manager. Unlike other terminal file managers, it does not aim to replace the shell for file based operations. Instead nfm lets the user quickly compose file manipulating shell commands, interactively.

This means nfm uses the systems coreutils for all operations via the command mode. Only opening files and changing directories is implemented directly for convenience.

If launched with the --selector flag, nfm start in selector mode. In this mode, nfm will write the selected files full path to stdout and exit. If marked files in any directory exist, their paths are written instead. This allows nfm to be used as a file selector for other programs.

Come talk to us at #nfm on irc.libera.chat.


git clone https://git.sr.ht/~leon_plickat/nfm
cd nfm
git submodule update --init
zig build


See here for the ToDo-List.


nfm is licensed under the GPLv3.