Send a desktop notifications when your favorite [Twitch](https://twitch.tv) streamers went live (or offline).

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#Simple Twitch Live Notifications

Get notified when your favorite streamers go online with this small desktop app.


  1. Start the program once to find out where the program expects its config file.

  2. Create the file. It has the following format:

	client_id: "",
	client_secret: "",
	streamers: ["streamer1", "streamer2"],

Note that the streamer names are case-sensitive. To get a client_id and client_secret create a new application in the twitch developer console.

  1. (Optionally) put the program into autostart.


  • with rust installed: clone the repository and install with cargo install --path .
  • if you are using Nix(Os): use the default package (non-flakes and flakes supported)

#Configuration options

By default there's a sleep period of 60 seconds between every request to the twitch api. To modify this value, specify the sleep_secs: 60, option with a value of your choice in the config file.

#Resources, Contributing

Ask for support, discuss and follow development or send patches to ~liketechnik/simple-twitch-live-notifications-devel.

Instructions for preparing a patch are available at git-send-email.io.

Submit confirmed bug reports and confirmed feature requests on https://todo.sr.ht/~liketechnik/simple-twitch-live-notifications.


Except specific files which bear a different mention, this programme is licensed under the EUPL-1.2.

Except specific files which bear a different mention, this programme's documentation is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.