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39c5f17 Fix None prompt until manually changed

8 hours ago via offpunk

f8d185e ignoring encoding errors in ansicat

8 hours ago via offpunk

8c752d7 fixed an an/or logical confusion that would cause non-displayable documents to be marked as to be refetched even when not necessary

4 days ago via offpunk

f2588df Introducing my custom themes switcher

6 days ago via offlinetools

f33a4cb use chafa by default if version >= 1.10

7 days ago via offpunk

a2678bf prompt color is now part of the theme too

8 days ago via offpunk

ea82e81 Improve handling of base64 images

9 days ago via offpunk

7a606b7 some ugly code to filter XMLparsedAsHTMLWarning from BS4

10 days ago via offpunk

0666aaa fixes opening mailto links

11 days ago via offpunk

dc23830 fixes gophermap being badly rendered as gemtext

12 days ago via offpunk

5f3d8d6 Update license classifier in pyproject.toml

15 days ago via offpunk

689f571 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'

16 days ago via offlinetools

47317ca --sync now taking list names as arguments

16 days ago via offpunk

743284c switch to mailbox for list admin

16 days ago via ploum.net

4c47f28 Releasing 2.0-beta1 - September 05th 2023

18 days ago via offpunk
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