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Tools to spend more time offline


depends: protonmail-bridge, msmtp, offlineimap, mblaze and offpunk

See Offpunk smolnet browser.

A script that checks:

  1. If protonmail-bridge is running
  2. List then send mail queued through the msmtp example scripts
  3. Check if any changes have been made to multiple repository and git push if yes
  4. Offpunk --sync
  5. Get my emails through offlineimap
  6. Display number of items in offpunk lists : tour, toread and news to read in my "news" mail folder
  7. Display mails in my inbox

If run with any argument, the script will only check emails and skip git/offpunk.

#Might implement later:

  • synchronise distant folders with rsync (currently using Tresorit)
  • apt update/dist-upgrade
  • flatpak upgrade
  • update wikipedia zim files (I’ve yet to find a way to do it)

#Old stuffs

In commented out sections, the script was also:

  1. Taking URLs from an url.txt file to send to to forlater.email
  2. Updating RSS in newsboat (those features are no longer needed as offpunk is doing the work)


file to be put in .newsboat/config

with this file, every external link will, instead of being opened in a browser, send to the URLs text file (that will later be sent by email to forlater.email).