Awesome things built with or for GNU Guix
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#Official services

#Third party substitute servers

URI Signing key (if any)
https://guix.cbaines.net (public-key (ecc (curve Ed25519) (q #5F5F4F321533D3A38F909785E682798933BA9BE257C97E5ABC07DD08F27B8DBF#)))
https://guix.tobias.gr (public-key (ecc (curve Ed25519) (q #628CD75C05C78223317092AFDCBE7130D363ACA938114A067F4F9DCF346B59DB#)))

#Third party GNU Guix sub-commands

#Third party GNU Guix package channels

  • flat's guix channel
    • Contains GNU Emacs packages with not-yet-merged native elisp compilation support and pure GTK3 backend.
  • Guix Past
    • Contains definitions for old core packages.
  • Guix-HPC
    • Contains packages for HPC tools and run-time support and linear algebra libraries developed by research teams at Inria.
  • Guix-Science
    • Contains free scientific packages that are not or not yet available in Guix proper.
  • abcdw's rde
    • Tools for managing reproducible development environments.
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#Learning resources

#Development services and tools