#Hello, World! šŸ‘‹

My name is Logan Marchione and I'm a Sr. Software Engineer on the Platform team at Rapid7. This is my space on the web to learn about the internet, crypto{graphy,currency}, Linux, hosting, code, etc...

I'm passionate about open-source software, dates being in the RFC 3339 format (YYYY-MM-DD), and Oxford commas. Shameless plug: Iā€™m a fan of the EFF and the work they do to help protect freedom online. Consider joining! I've been a member since 2014!

If you're interested in hiring me, check out my resume. If you enjoy what I create, you can subscribe to my blog's feed.

I hope you find something of value here! Enjoy!

#Languages and tools

Git GitHub GitLab sourcehut

Bash Python Ansible

Linux Debian Arch Proxmox

DigitalOcean AWS Gitea Drone Docker


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