Desktop gemini browser inspired by qutebrowser and Vim

#71 is "frecency" means "frequency"?

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#71 is "frecency" means "frequency"?

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Desktop gemini browser inspired by qutebrowser and Vim.



Vimini is a desktop browser for gemini and other text-only hypertext protocols. It currently supports gopher in addition to gemini, but there may be more coming.

Inspired heavily by qutebrowser, Vimini can be used entirely with the keyboard, supports modes, commands and keyboard shortcuts, and is completely configurable.


Vimini is written in Rust, so make sure you have cargo installed.


If you don't have Rust, head to their website to download it and set it up.

Then get the source code with git.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~lufte/vimini

Get into the repository and choose a release tag to build a stable version.

cd vimini
git tag  # list existing versions and choose the one you want, normally the latest one
git checkout YOUR_TAG

Vimini links to libsqlite3. If you don't have sqlite3 installed in your system, open Cargo.toml and look for the commented line in the rusqlite item which instructs how to edit the file to make cargo bundle a version of libsqlite3 in the end binary.

Now you are ready to build.

cargo build --release

Your binary will be located in target/release/vimini. Instructions on how to actually use the browser can be found in its default start page: about:vimini.


Vimini includes third party open source software components: Widgets from Iced, and functions ported from qutebrowser. Iced widgets have their own license, please see ./src/widget/LICENSE. Functions ported from qutebrowser and the rest of the Vimini code is GPLv3, available at ./LICENSE.