The project for COMP5411 (advanced computer graphics) from HKUST

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#COMP5411 Rendering Project


We generate a large-scale with wave function collapse and visualize the map with WebGL. The main challenge is how to generate efficiently and visualize large-scale scene without exhausting too many resources. We respond the challenge with two measures. First, we choose Rust as the programming language and compiled to WebAssembly, which executes faster than JavaScript. Second, we generate the scene on-the-fly, keep scenes with multiple-level of detail, and only render the necessary parts of the scene.

#Getting Started

To debug the project, just reproduce following steps.

  1. Install Node.js, Yarn and Cargo.
  2. Install dependencies with command yarn.
  3. Run command yarn serve.
  4. The product is accessible at https://localhost:8080.

To build the project, run yarn build. This will generate optimized WebAssembly binaries and assets. Thus, the application is more performant.

If you have trouble with steps above. The project is also accessible online at https://example.com.