weft is a computing system for small spacecraft.

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#weft — a software system for small spacecraft

This is a system that has sprung from collaboration and simultaneous development of a few related projects. Components from tid were broken out to stand alone and serve projects in a similar vein, and became the basis for new systems. The needs and new ideas from these systems continue to direct, drive, and shape each other.

A pictogram of a line in a zig-zag pattern like weft on a loom.

We make projects that are personal, cozy/gezellig, simple, joyful, and weird. Through the process and practice of creation, we aim to learn, feel, communicate, and share.

Welcome to our little system, dear explorer.


Some of the projects associated with this rhizomatic system.

  • tid — a small system information bar (todos)
  • gemininini — a non-serious gemini browser (todos)
  • fleck — a library for using uf2 fonts (todos)
  • stammer — an interface system for small spacecraft (todos)
  • stammer_nannou — a small rust crate to make it easier to render stammer panels using nannou

Feel like your project belongs on the list? Reach out :)

We draw inspiration from the wider uxn/varvara ecosystem. In some respects our philosophies are similar.

weft is the fabric woven by two queers inhabiting spacecraft with their ThinkPads.


For questions, comments, contributions, and collaboration, feel free to use the email list, ~ma3ke/weft@lists.sr.ht.

The archives can be found at lists.sr.ht/~ma3ke/weft.

#tickets and todos

We use todo.sr.ht/~ma3ke/weft to keep track of ideas and tasks that pertain to the project as a whole.

For tasks that are specific to any of the repositories, you can find a dedicated issue tracker of the same name listed in the README.


NOTE: If you would like to submit changes, but feel intimidated by doing it by email, that is no problem at all! Another fine way is to fork the repository elsewhere, push your changes to there, and send me the link to the commit you want me to consider. Or, just get in touch with a DM or email :)

Patches can be submitted to the mailing list (~ma3ke/weft@lists.sr.ht).

Before submitting a patch, it is wise and fun to reach out through DM or on the email list for help and discussion.

When submitting a patch via email, please set the subject prefix to the name of the relevant repository. For instance, when submitting a patch to stammer, set the prefix to PATCH stammer, by running the following command.

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH stammer"

(If you don't know how this stuff works, but want to learn about this, git-send-email.io is a fantastic hands-on resource.)

Made with <3 by ~ma3ke, ~mayaks, et al.