An unrefined cli time tracker

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An unrefined cli time tracker.


    shows a 'today' report
trk t <entry_name>
    starts a timer tracking a named entry
trk t
    terminates the current timer
trk <entry_name> <time_spent> [notes]
    adds a new entry manually, with the specified time spent
    e.g.: '40m', '2h', '1h20m', etc., with 'h' and 'm' being
    [h]ours and [m]inutes
    (you can even use [d]ays and [s]econds, but why should you? :)

trk r
trk r (today | week | month | lastweek | lastmonth) [-p]
    shows the current month report
    or a report of the time range specified:
    today, current week (starting from monday), current month, etc.
    with -p the output will be a parsable list of entries
trk (m | mm) [-p]
    shortcut to 'trk r month' or 'trk r lastmonth'
trk (w | ww) [-p]
    shortcut to 'trk r week' or 'trk r lastweek'
trk M | MM
trk W | WW
    same as above, but also reports each day of the time range
trk s <query> [partial_date]
trk s <query> [start_date end_date]
    greps through all trkfiles and report the results
    useful if you want to know the total time spent on an entry.
    It *greps*, so if your query is '.*' it will report ALL activities.
    To limit search you can pass a partial date (like 2020 or 2020-03),
    or you can pass a date interval (like 2020-01-01 2020-04-30).

trk l
    lists the trk files
trk e [trk_file]
    edit the trk file directly, defaulting to today trkfile
trk y
    sync: commits eventual changes and do a pull/push of the trk dir
trk g git_args
    runs git with git_args in the trk dir
trk env
    prints exports of trk vars,
    eval-uating this output is useful for testing
trk help | h
    shows help

    --help -h   Print this help

    - trk default dir is [$HOME/.trk]
    - to change default trk dir set TRK_DIR env var
    - trk default workday hours is 8
    - to change workday hours set TRK_WORKDAY_HOURS env var
    - to show debug infos set TRK_DEBUG env var to something

It's main use is to track the time spent on things at work
and help with the annoying task of reporting/budgeting spent hours.


You can fire test with a trivial SHUNIT2 setup
(just clone it and set an env var).

Check out the test script!


User the sr.ht tracking at https://todo.sr.ht/~mapperr/trk
and the mailing list at https://lists.sr.ht/~mapperr/public-inbox