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Library implementing the ATEM video switcher protocol and a GTK3.0 application

Screenshot of the control application


Install the pyatem protocol module::

setup.py build
sudo setup.py install

Build and install the gtk application and proxy::

meson build
meson compile -C build
sudo meson install -C build

Run the application::


There is also the openswitcher-install.sh script which will install the library, proxy and gtk application in /usr/local for a quick installation of all components.

#External dependencies

The only external dependency for pyatem is pyusb for the USB protocol support. It contains a native compiled module so it also requires a toolchain and python-dev headers at build time.

OpenSwitcher depends on the python bindings from gtk3.

OpenSwitcher-proxy only depends on pyatem for the core functionality but it might need more dependencies when loading specific frontends or backends:

  • MQTT Frontend: paho-mqtt


To work on the pyatem library the quickest way to get up and running is using the openswitcher-develop.sh script that will install the pyatem library in devel mode where the files are symlinked to the git repository. It will also install the proxy and gtk application in /usr/local which will use the symlinked library.

Development happens on matrix on #openatem:brixit.nl


There is also the openswitcher_proxy python module in this repository. It will run an API wrapper around one or more ATEM switchers. There is currently a single api supported which is a HTTP REST api for sending commands and reading the mixer state.

It can be run by starting the module::

python3 -m openswitcher_proxy --config /etc/myconfigfile.toml

Or if the software installed it can be started using the launcher script::

openswitcher-proxy --config /etc/myconfigfile.toml

The default config location is /etc/openswitcher/proxy.toml if not specified. Here's an example config:

id = "mini"
label = "Atem Mini"
address = ""

id = "mini2"
label = "Local switcher"
address = "usb"

type = "http-api"
bind = ":8080"
auth = true
username = "bob"
password = "hunter2"
hardware = "mini,mini2"
type = "status"
bind = ""
auth = false

The status frontend provides a simple html page with the state of the connected switchers and a list of the enabled frontends.

The http-api frontend provides a HTTP server that can return any of the supported fields as json and trigger commands by sending a HTTP POST request with formfields or json


The main language for the software is english, the translation for the project happens on https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/openswitcher