Real Phone Testing Rig

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RPTR is the Real Phone Testing Rig. It's a collection of 3d printable files, schematics, pcbs and software to set up a phone farm for testing operating system builds.


THe system is designed to fit into 19" rack cases. Specifically the Multicomp G17082UBK 2U plastic rack case. The 3d printed part consists of a base plate that fits around the mounting holes in the Multicomp case and phone-specific holders that slide into the base plate.

The Multicomp case can hold 3 of the baseplates side by side and each of the baseplates can hold 3 phones each for 9 phones per 2U rack case in total.

The 3D print files are at ~martijnbraam/rptr-3dprints

There is also work on PCBs that hook on the phones and connect to test pins and provides a generic serial interface to the host machine for controlling the phones.

The PCB/Electronics part is at ~calebccff/rptr-pcb


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