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#SearXiv: archivist

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This module orchestrates scraping process and acts as a data holder. Only archivist has direct access to database. It is archivist's responsibly for building index of papers from https://arxiv.org.

#How to start archivist

Archivist is the one managing database, it's expected to be running on the same machine that database is running on. So database is included in docker-compose.yaml.

To run archivist you have 2 options.

  1. Clone the repo and use docker-compose.yaml.

    Before starting it up you need to provided credentials in .env file. Copy provided .env.example into .env and make sure all of the variables fit your needs. For the development environment there is no need to change anything.

    To start archivist and database use docker compose:

    docker compose up
  2. Use docker image built by GitHub CI. In this case you would need to connect to already existing database or start one separately.

    docker run -e DATABASE_URL="postgres://searxiv:1234@fire:5432/searxiv" ghcr.io/searxiv/archivist:latest

#Available API

You can explore everything archivist can and can't do via RapiDoc available at /docs.