Mixing the best parts of Minecraft, Quake III and Emacs

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#Mixing the best parts of Minecraft, Quake ]I[ and Emacs.

WolkenWelten is meant to be the ultimate voxel sandbox, letting not only players choose their own adventures in a big procedural world but giving the ability to change the rules of said world, either by making use of the custom Lisp runtime, or creating patches to the underlying C code.

While there is a default gamemode that makes players fend for themselves on an archipelago within the clouds, this is just the beginning. Most gameplay parts are currently rewritten to make the client as generic as possible, enabling completely different games by just connecting to a server.

Twitch streams focussing on the development of this game happen every Saturday and Sunday, as well as on Monday and Tuesday where we dive deep into the internals of the Nujel runtime, trying to turn it into something resembling a proper language.

This project puts a lot of effort into supporting all kinds of devices, nut just high-end gaming PCs, because of this the Raspberry PI 4/(00) is a viable system to play this game on, the WASM version should also run on many mobile devices, although a Gamepad of some sort is probably needed due to the touch controls being absolutely terrible at the moment.


#Some Bullet Points

  • Mostly written in C99
  • Fits on a floppy disk
  • Runs on a Raspberry PI 4
  • Play in Multiplayer with up to 31 people!
  • Contains a custom LISP interpreter/dialect, Nujel
  • Reprogram item behaviour, while the game is running
  • Use a grappling hook to swing around
  • Nice fire system, beware of forest fires
  • Can even run in your browser, using Emscripten/WASM

#Releases / Screenshots

The newest binary releases are available on the projects website, along with some more writings about the game, as well as a couple of screenshots.


If you run into some bugs, have gameplay questions or want to talk about your favorite *nix, join us over on Discord, or preferrably on Matrix.


As a Free Software Project any form of help you can give would be highly appreciated, be it testing the game, drawing nice artwork, coding that cool feature or telling your friends about this game. You have my gratitude in advance :)

#Development Requirements


On Windows you need a working installation of MSYS2, and then install the following packages from within MSYS2:

pacman -Sy base-devel mingw-w64-x86_64-toolchain mingw-w64-x86_64-ffmpeg mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2 mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2_mixer


On Macintosh you need the XCode command line tools, the SDL2 and SDL2_mixer development Frameworks installed. Additionally you need ffmpeg, which is probably best installed using Homebrew or MacPorts.

#Arch Linux

pacman -S base-devel clang ffmpeg sdl2 sdl2_mixer

#Debian / Ubuntu / Raspberry PI OS

apt install build-essential clang ffmpeg libsdl2-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev musl-dev musl-tools libvorbis-dev


pkg_add clang gas gmake bash sdl2 sdl2-mixer glew ffmpeg

You can then build the game using gmake


pkgin in clang gas gmake bash SDL2 SDL2_mixer glew ffmpeg

You can then build the game using gmake

#Build System

Now that you have all the packages installed you can just type make within the repos folder to create a development binary, I highly recommend adding something like -j8 so it does not take quite as long to compile. After that you can use make clean to remove every executable/intermedia file you just created. There are many more convenience targets I added which you can take a look at in the client/common/server Makefiles, most should be explained by the command they execute.

To test that the nujel interpreter is working correctly just execute make test to run the automated testroutines for the nujel interpreter.