A emacs plugin that helps you interactively highlight tree sitter queries.

fea63ef feat: auto invoke treesit-query-verify on error

6 months ago

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This package can help you visualize tree sitter query. If you want to develop a new tree sitter major mode, you probably need it!

This package is highly inspired by combobulate-query-build command in combobulate, and it can be seemed as a lightweight alternative.


Query result highlight

Symbol Completion Support

#Install && Customization

(use-package ts-query-highlight
  :straight (:type git :host sourcehut :repo "meow_king/ts-query-highlight")
  ;; default is `dabbrev-expand`. For `cape-dabbrev`, take a look at https://github.com/minad/cape
  (setq ts-query-highlight-dabbrev-expand-function 'cape-dabbrev))

If you are not satisfied with the window layout, you nay want to customize ts-query-highlight-panel-display-buffer-parameters for the panel window, and customize display-buffer-alist for treesit-explore-mode like

;; tree sitter
(add-to-list 'display-buffer-alist
  '("^\\*tree-sitter explorer for [^z-a]+\\*"
     (side . right)
     (window-width . 70)))

To disable auto invoke treesit-query-verify on executing a query containing error, set ts-query-highlight-panel-auto-verify-query-when-error to nil.


ts-query-highlight-panel: open a panel for executing query.
In panel:

  • C-c C-c to execute. ts-query-highlight-panel-mode-send-query
  • C-c C-k to remove the highlight. ts-query-highlight-panel-mode-clean-query-res
  • C-c C-v validate the query using ts-query-validate. ts-query-highlight-panel-mode-clean-query-res
  • C-c C-e to toggle display of the treesit-explore-mode. ts-query-highlight-panel-mode-toggle-ts-explore
  • C-c C-q quit. ts-query-highlight-quit

ts-query-highlight-execute: read query from minibuffer and execute it.
ts-query-highlight-clean: remove the query highlight in the current buffer.

Mouse hover on the overlays on source code: display capture name.
Keymap for overlays on source code:

  • m or RET: mark the corresponding region.

Keymap for overlays inside panel:

  • RET: only highlight capture at point on source code.

Completion Support: Use either completion-at-point or ts-query-highlight--dabbrev-expand command.


If you want the completion feature enabled, make sure you don't kill the buffer opened by treesit-explore-mode, since the keyward completion uses dabbrev-expand mechanism in that buffer.