Encode and decode Branca tokens in Clojure

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This library implements encoding and decoding Branca tokens in Clojure.


(require '[clj-branca.core :as branca])

(def secret-key "supersecretkeyyoushouldnotcommit")
(def message "Hello, world!")

(branca/encode secret-key message)
;; "XZ69WpRTqZgEOqCJqaOK4iOKGLkg505VSASQ8MMGWs3mn1p6U81FvB5rSLpKlIjkZTUIBC6KiHIboz"

(String. (branca/decode secret-key "XZ69WpRTqZgEOqCJqaOK4iOKGLkg505VSASQ8MMGWs3mn1p6U81FvB5rSLpKlIjkZTUIBC6KiHIboz"))
;; "Hello, world!"



Copyright Miikka Koskinen.

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