Kernel starting point for 9front kernel development

New git repository added

3 years ago
This is a barebones kernel inspired by the OSdev wiki designed to
be a good starting point for kernel tinkering on 9front. There
are no requirments for compiling and creating the cdrom iso
outside of standard 9front utilities.

The content of the repo are:
	- l.s: 			Assembly bootstrap to move to long mode. This is copied from the 9front 9pc64 kernel.
	- kern.c: 		Kernel C source code.
	- 9bootproto:	Proto file for creating the cdrom iso.
	- mem.h:		Handful of #define's used for l.s, also copied from 9front 9pc64 kernel.
	- plan9.ini:	9boot configuration file for loading the kernel.

l.s and mem.h are vendored to get us into long mode and for setting the kernel up
to be multiboot compliant. The iso includes the '9boot' bootloader for initial
startup and moving to 32bit protected mode.

	; mk 

building an iso:
	; mk kern.iso