plan9 video game ports and utilities.

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#Plan 9 Gamestuff

This is a meta project to collect game ports and related software that I've done.

Sigrid's fantastic npe is used and assumed installed for some of the listed repos.

  • hexen: A 9front port of Ravensoft's Hexen
  • heretic: A 9front port of Ravensoft's Heretic
  • rgbds: rgbds 9front port
  • pokecrystal: Pokemon Crystal disassembly buildable on 9front
  • pokered: Pokemon Red disassembly buildable on 9front
  • duke3d: Duke Nukem 3D 9front port
  • build: 9front tools for build engine games
  • rott: Rise of the Triad 9front port
  • gbaex: GBA Homebrew "Hello World" using 9front tools.
  • ips: 9front IPS patcher
  • pse9: 9front Pokemon save editor
  • wipeout: 9front port of the PSX game Wipeout