plan9 video game ports and utilities.

~moody/gamestuff git

gamestuff readme

~moody/build git

9front tools for build engine games

~moody/pse9 git

pokemon save editor for 9front

~moody/pokered git

Pokemon red disassembly, ported to 9front

~moody/pokecrystal git

Pokemon crystal disassembly, ported to 9front.

~moody/duke3d git

Duke3D 9front Port

~moody/gbaex git

9front gba homebrew rom example

~moody/ips git

ips patcher for 9front

~moody/rgbds git

rgbds 9front port.

~moody/rott git

Rise of the Triad 9front Port

~moody/hexen git

Hexen 9front port

~moody/heretic git

Herertic 9front port