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Moved to github.com/uber/bazel-zig-cc. A copy of the announcement:

From: Motiejus Jakštys <motiejus@jakstys.lt>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2023 16:47:57 +0200
Subject: bazel-zig-cc moved to github.com/uber
To: ~motiejus/bazel-zig-cc@lists.sr.ht

Hi folks,

The transfer of bazel-zig-cc from my personal SourceHut account to github is now complete: https://github.com/uber/bazel-zig-cc

Main changes:

  • This will now be Uber's project, not mine. The child has grown and left the house. :)
  • CLA will be required from now on. However, pre-move copyright owners retain their copyright of course; we did not ask to transfer it (albeit I transferred mine to Uber for personal reasons).
  • Comms are now in bazel's slack (bazel.slack.com) #zig and github issues/PRs.

Short-term a.k.a. migration:

  • I will put up a release in github in the next couple of days and communicate here; it will be my last message in the mailing list.
  • This mailing list will be shut down "in a couple of weeks".
  • Your links (i.e. where you download bazel-zig-cc from) will keep working at least until 2023-06-01. After this date everyone will need to change it to github or your own mirror (the exact details will be announced, like said, in a couple of days).

As for why? In case you haven't noticed the comms yet, bazel-zig-cc is now powering Uber's Go Monorepo. So it no longer fits the "personal project" bill and it made sense to be moved. Also, my days at Uber are numbered, so it makes even more sense for Uber to increase the bus factor. I still recommend Uber as a great place to work if you like such things (I spend quite a bit of time with Zig during my working hours, which is great) -- but it just does not fit the bill for my personal circumstances.

Now that we have finished the move, we have additional 2 awesome maintainers now: @linzhp and @sywhang. They are from Uber's Go Monorepo/Platform teams, and have dealt with much more Go, Bazel and Starlark than myself. I will be co-maintaining bazel-zig-cc at least until 2023-06-30.

Congratulations everyone and have fun!