Docker setup for d2-holy-grail

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Docker setup for d2-holy-grail

This is a simple Docker setup for d2-holy-grail. It was created mainly for my own use, but I hope it might be helpful to someone else as well.

Please note that I can not help with issues regarding d2-holy-grail itself (unless it is strictly related to this Docker setup) and that I generally do not provide further guidance on how to run this setup aside from the Docker Compose/Swarm mode example configurations included in this repository.


You can either build the image yourself or pull the prebuilt image from Docker Hub:

user@local:~$ docker pull mserajnik/d2-holy-grail

Since d2-holy-grail does not version its releases, this setup simply pulls the latest commit on master during image build. The image is rebuilt every Sunday at 00:00 CET/CEST. You might prefer to pull the image by digest if you want to pin it to a specific version (in case there are breaking changes in d2-holy-grail and/or this image stops working correctly).

The user that is used inside the container has UID 1000 and GID 1000 by default. You can adjust this (e.g., to match your host UID/GID) by providing the arguments USER_ID and GROUP_ID when building yourself.


Example configurations for both Docker Compose (docker-compose.example.yml) and Swarm-mode (stack.example.yml) are included.


Michael Serajnik


You are welcome to help out!

Open a ticket or send a patch.


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