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#39 Settings SQL query blocks in points

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#39 Settings SQL query blocks in points

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#Campmaster Constantine

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The Campmaster is designed to be a general-purpose Discord bot, that brings a message points/leveling system and a strike system to make moderation easier.


  • Points gain based on messages
    • Levels based on slow exponential (1.3x) cost to next level
    • Level-based role rewarads*
  • Moderation
    • Strikes as warnings
    • Modification of a strike's reason
    • Withdrawal of strikes
    • Automatic banning/kicking of users based on strike count*
    • Global and local message filter
    • Moderation log for strikes and wordfilter matches
  • Question of the Day
    • Suggestions
    • Automatic ping of a role


Make sure that you have the latest stable Rust. Make a copy of .env.example and name it .env, filling out the variables as appropriate.

Make sure that you have an updated version of PostgreSQL. The database and role should already exist.

Run cargo install campmaster-constantine to download and install the latest stable version of the bot. Then, run campmaster-constantine in the same directory as your .env file.


  • Install latest stable Rust
  • Clone this repository with git clone https://git.sr.ht/~muirrum/campmasterconstantine
  • Go into the new project directory and run cargo build

#Submitting patches

Send an email with the patch file to ~muirrum/campmaster-constantine-devel@lists.sr.ht, preferably following the instructions here.