TPM-based encryption keys for ZFS datasets

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TPM-based encryption keys for ZFS datasets.



 Z F S

Plus it's a pretty good annoyed sigh onomatopoeia.


You'll need pkg-config, ronn, libzfslinux-dev, libtss2-dev, libtspi-dev, and make should hopefully Just Work™ if you have a C++17-capable compiler. The output binaries are trimmed of extraneous dependencies, so they're all just libc + libzfs and friends + the chosen TPM back-end.


Copy the out/zfs-tpm* binaries corresponding to the back-ends you want to /sbin, continue as the manual page instructs.



Build swtpm, then prepare and run it:

swtpm_setup --tpmstate tpm2-state --tpm2 --createek --display --logfile /dev/stdout --overwrite
swtpm socket --server type=tcp,port=2321 --ctrl type=tcp,port=2322 --tpm2 --tpmstate dir=tpm2-state --flags not-need-init --log level=10

If your platform has a TPM, switch to swtpm by default:

ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libtss2-tcti-{swtpm,default}.so

Build swtpm, then prepare and run it and (hopefully) TrouSerS, as root/tpm:

swtpm_setup --tpmstate tpm1x-state --createek --display --logfile /dev/stdout --overwrite
swtpm cuse -n tpm --tpmstate dir=tpm1x-state --seccomp action=none --log level=10,file=/dev/fd/4 4>&1
swtpm_ioctl -i /dev/tpm
TPM_DEVICE=/dev/tpm swtpm_bios
tcsd -f

swtpm_ioctl -s /dev/tpm  # to shut down, apparently

If your platform has a TPM, occupy it first by running exec 100<>/dev/tpm0 or equivalent. tcsd looks at /dev/tpm0 before /dev/tpm.

#Reporting bugs

There's the tracker, but also see the list below.


Send a patch inline, as an attachment, or a git link and a ref to pull from to the list (~nabijaczleweli/tzpfms@lists.sr.ht) or me directly. I'm not picky, just please include the repo name in the subject prefix.


Please use the tracker, the list, or Twitter.

#Special thanks

To all who support further development on Patreon, in particular:

  • ThePhD
  • Embark Studios