PhD put me up to writing WG14 papers :/

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PhD put me up to writing WG14 papers :/


#n2878: nsec_t && timespec::tv_nsec

Discussed on 17.05.2022; verdict: delayed; quoth PhD:

  • implementation-defined SIGNED integer type (must be signed)
  • talk to Nick Stoughton (Austin Group/POSIX) about timespec change since POSIX owns it
  • should not have a name (nsec_t is used in user code, we could break people)
  • Denied for C23, but can be allowed for C2Y/C3a (whenever the hell that is)

#n3066 (p1): timespec::tv_nsec

nsec_t/* see below */ + "shall be of an implementation-defined signed integer type capable of…"

Accepted in n3091 (2023-01-27), to land in C23.

#n3285: stdarg.h wording...