a gemini server for pubnixes

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artemis is a minimal gemini server written in go, designed for pubnixes.


$ go build
$ ./artemis


artemis checks for a config.toml file in the following locations, in order:

  • .
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/artemis
  • $HOME/.config/artemis
  • /etc/artemis

in the config, you must specify the location of a TLS cert and key.

you may optionally change the port artemis will listen on. by default, artemis listens on port 1965, the default gemini port.

you may optionally provide custom paths for the index or user directories. by default, the index points to /var/gemini and the userdir is $HOME/public_gemini.


send patches to the mailing list. prefix patches with "[PATCH artemis]".


artemis is licensed under the Blue Oak Model License, version 1.0. refer to the license for details.