Simple audio voiceprint and analyzer for your computer

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A high-performance voiceprint and analyzer music visualizer - don't miss a beat.


Click the images to see videos:

soundview horizontal screenshot

soundview vertical screenshot


Install a recent version of SDL2 and Rust/cargo, then build and run the latest release as follows:

$ cargo install soundview
$ ~/.cargo/bin/soundview

Several optional arguments can be found by running ~/.cargo/bin/soundview -h.

#Viewing local audio

Soundview can look at any audio "recording" device on your system, either using the --device argument or by pressing the rightarrow/leftarrow keys to rotate between devices.

Out of the box, many systems only have input devices for microphone/line-in. In this situation, visualizing the audio that is playing on the system requires installing a virtual recording device. There are many options for doing this, depending on what operating system you are using.

  • Linux: Out of the box, PipeWire and PulseAudio should have input devices named Monitor of <x>. If you point Soundview to these Monitor devices, you should be able to visualize any playing audio. On startup, Soundview defaults to devices that have "Monitor of" in their name.
  • OSX: BlackHole is free and should work, but we haven't tried it ourselves. You should be able to point Soundview to the virtual BlackHole device.
  • Windows: VB-CABLE is donationware and should work, but we haven't tried it ourselves. You should be able to point Soundview to the virtual VB-CABLE device.

#Keyboard shortcuts

  • Q/Esc: Exit
  • F/F11: Toggle Fullscreen (use --fullscreen to enable on startup)
  • R/Space: Rotate between vertical/horizontal modes (use --orientation to configure on startup)
  • Right/Left: Switch to next/prev device (use --device to select on startup)

#Building from main

To build the latest unreleased code, download and build from git as follows:

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~nickbp/soundview
$ cd soundview
$ cargo build && ./target/debug/soundview # debug build
$ cargo build --release && ./target/release/soundview # release build


This project is licensed under the FAFOL. This is intended to restrict use of the project for purposes that would be considered unethical by its authors.


Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Contributions must be provided under the license terms described above.