A Bazel dispatcher for Emacs

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Elbazel is a text-based interface to bazel. It build's on top of magit's user interface.


#Use-package example

Configuration for the elbazel package.

(use-package elbazel
  :commands elbazel-dispatch
  (add-hook 'compilation-finish-functions #'elbazel-unbox-sandbox-paths-h))

#Remote support

The elbazel package supports Connection Local Variables which allows the user to change the variables used by elbazel when running on a remote host.

 '((elbazel-command . "/home/user/.local/bin/bazel")
   (elbazel-cache-dir . "/tmp/bazel_cache")
   (elbazel-buildfile-name . "BAZEL.build")
   (elbazel-search-with-rg . t)))

 '(:application tramp :protocol "ssh") 'remote-elbazel)


Use the command elbazel-dispatch to launch the dispatcher.


This package wouldn't have been possible without the awesome transient package.