Various tools

~nilium/secenv git

env(1), but with sops-encrypted files

~nilium/sql git

Tool to query any RDBMS with JSON output

~nilium/1p git

Simple 1Password helper bash script

~nilium/realpath git

Implementation of the realpath(1) utility in Go.

~nilium/uniqish git

Small tool for filtering strings, nothing special

~nilium/regen git

Tool to generate random strings from Go/RE2 regular expressions

~nilium/binit git

Small env-like tool for exec'ing programs after loading env vars from INI files

~nilium/zflate git

Simple tool for performing zlib compression/decompression of files

~nilium/jsondir git

Tool to map directory structures to JSON. Probably evil.

~nilium/orduniq git

Simple ordered uniq — dumb as a rock

~nilium/goquote git

Tool for converting standard input to Go source strings

~nilium/mtar git

tar archive tool to add files with arbitrary paths

~nilium/retrap git

Remap signals and forward them to child processes

~nilium/go-fex git

An implementation of fex in Go

~nilium/cidrls git

Utility to print IP ranges for CIDRs

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