Collection of files to get a working Linux system on Stoneyridge Chromebooks

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Halite is a collection of scripts and configurations to improve compatibility with Stoneyridge Chromebooks on custom firmware. Many of the changes here will be upstreamed to the Chrultrabook project and this will work as a downstream project to work on changes towards it.


#linux-stoney (Alpine)

Install the public key for the nightcore.monster repository

# cd /etc/apk/keys && curl -LO https://repo.nightcore.monster/alpine/lux@nixgoat.me.rsa.pub

Add the repository to the list

# echo 'https://repo.nightcore.monster/alpine/community' >> /etc/apk/repositories
# apk update

Install the linux-stoney package

# apk add linux-stoney

Done! Reboot your Chromebook and you should be booting on linux-stoney. The kernel will also get updated whenever you upgrade Alpine

#Thanks to:

  • WeirdTreeThing for doing most of the work on linux-build-scripts
  • The Chrultrabook project for having a community where work on Chromebooks can flourish
  • You! For giving some time to this project