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CLI tool to build a beautiful resume from a JSON Resume file.

This is a Python port of resume-cli.

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  • Validate your resume.json against schema
  • Export your resume to HTML
  • Export your resume to PDF
  • Customize the theme of your HTML and PDF exports
  • Run a local HTTP server to preview the HTML export
  • Create an inital resume.json with placeholder values to get started


With pipx:

pipx install resume-pycli

With brew:

brew install nikaro/tap/resume-pycli

On ArchLinux from the AUR:

yay -S resume-pycli

# or without yay
git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/resume-pycli.git
cd resume-pycli/
makepkg -si


Usage: resume [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  CLI tool to easily setup a new resume.

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  export    Export to HTML and PDF.
  init      Initialize a resume.json file.
  serve     Serve resume.
  validate  Validate resume's schema.
  version   Show application version.

Export your resume with a custom theme, for exemple one located in ./themes/my-beautiful-theme:

resume export --theme my-beautiful-theme

If you want to export custom version of your resume, for example a shorter one located at ./resume.short.json, to PDF only:

resume export --resume resume.short.json --pdf


You can put your theme in themes/<name> next to your resume.json file. It uses Jinja as templating engine. Take a look at the included themes that you can take as example to write your own.

Since it uses Jinja, it is not compatible with "official" community themes.