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This is my personal website: https://nora.nckm.eu


poetry install
poetry run serve-site   # live reload on change
poetry run build-site   # build site
poetry run build-search # build search index
poetry run build-feed   # update news feed
poetry run build-toot   # send toot to mastodon

#Building search index

Download and run the pagefind precompiled binary :

./pagefind --site public

#CI Building

Deployment on sourcehut pages with builds.sr.ht: see build manifest .build.yml. It needs poetry.lock file to install locked dependencies.

#Validating and formatting code

poetry run ruff check nckm
poetry run ruff format nckm

#Publishing toots on Mastodon

poetry install -E feed2toot
poetry run register_feed2toot_app
poetry run feed2toot -c feed2toot.ini