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my implementations of lox for Crafting Interpreters


an open-source chess database (named after Isabella I)


this repo contains my config files and setup scripts


an rss reader that bundles atom feeds into one consumable pdf


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8f74527 Start draft of chess.com server melting post

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0ebcdb4 Add blog post on references vs. pointers in Rust

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5394224 Write blog post about tech right to exist

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796d2ce More (unsafe) improvements

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3c3ba7f Complete functions (chapter 24), excluding native functions

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ceaa48b Fix tags which include spaces by sluggifying them to insert hyphens

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0814fca Write blog post about speeding up bitmaps by sorting the underlying

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7379430 Implement control flow (if/else, and, or, for, and while) (chapter 23)

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2d4efdc Load shards and serve query results from all shards.

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6c03bbe Add blog post on Rust learning curve

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3341bda Implement local variables (chapter 22)

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eb10a93 Implement global variables (chapter 21)

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2e72d00 Finish quick blog post on service naming

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